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Walking the talk

Walking the talk

September 12, 2018

This morning Odin had an appointment with our veterinarian for a regular checkup. It just so happened that I was at the vet’s office yesterday with two of my other animals for their checkups, and mentioned that I’d be in this morning with Odin. And I reminded him and the vet tech about Odin’s aversion […]

My journey continues this weekend.

My journey continues this weekend.

July 18, 2018

A little over three years ago I was speaking with someone about my beloved dog Angus, who was nearing the end of his life. I was questioning if it was time, if it was his time, and this woman asked if I would ever consider speaking with an animal communicator. I had no idea what […]

Dog Island

Dog Island

July 5, 2018

I spent a couple of days over the 4th of July visiting some friends on their boat that was anchored near Block Island. I was telling a friend where I’d been and what I’d noticed, he said: “well, they don’t call it ‘Dog Island’ for nothing.” It seemed like most people had dogs with them. […]

There are a lot of reasons people seek out an animal intuitive to help them communicate with their pets.  Sometimes it’s a question as simple as “does my pet know how much I love them?” (The answer is always, unequivocally, yes!).  Other times, there are certain behaviors or questions about their health that lead people to reach out.  For those reasons and more, I love doing this work.  In addition to helping answer questions you might have for your pets, I welcome the opportunity to connect with your animal and help you realize all that they are here to teach you – about them and about yourself.  

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What I love about Kathy is her attention to intuitive detail. In her heart of hearts, Kathy wants nothing more than to get the message from the animal exactly right. As a result, she’s developed quite an incredible knack for taking her time to suss out what that animal is really talking about. The results? Happy people who finally get to truly understand their animal’s voice!  ~ Danielle MacKinnon


The uniqueness in Kathy’s approach to her reading is the connection she makes almost immediately with you as the human.  She identified something about me within the first minutes of our call that was very relevant and reassured me of her ability to tap into energy be it mine or my cats.
The next 45 minutes of discussion was incredibility enlightening and insightful as Kathy explained some of the lessons my cats are here to teach me. At the end of the call, I felt I knew my cat’s purpose and intentions. Kathy also helped me to understand the relationship between my two cats as they have been with me less than two years and they were rescued. I truly feel much closer to both my “kittie kids” and am very grateful to Kathy for that.
Kathy is an incredibly talented and gifted animal psychic and I would recommend her highly to anyone wanting to understand their beloved animals better or just tap into their energy or solve any issue they may be having.
Sandy B.

I recently had a session with Kathy. I had never heard of an animal Intuitive before but had bid on the session at an auction. I recently lost my dog, Zoe, and was very eager to know that she was ok. Although I truly believe that this life is not all there is, I went into the session with what I would call a “healthy” skepticism. That skepticism was erased almost immediately. She definitely was able to read my personality, and there were some very key items that were most assuredly Zoe coming through and assuring me she was okay and also that she wanted me to be okay too. It has been extremely difficult to lose Zoe, she was definitely my “heart and soul.” But, I laughed out loud at some of the things that came through, things that pinpointed my personality to a “t,” things that Zoe was making sure I did or did not do when the session was over. There was also the reassurance that she knew just what she meant to me in life.

We also connected with my dog, Minnie, who passed last summer. Although I did not tell Kathy anything about her except her name, kind of animal and whether she was here or had passed, Minnie came through to Kathy as an “oversized black Chihuahua, with an attitude” which is exactly what she was! Again, there were assurances that she knew just how much I loved her, and assurances that she is ok.

I would definitely recommend to anybody (I got my sister a session for her birthday) to sit in on a session with Kathy. It was a great experience, and I came away smiling, laughing and feeling a little bit better than I had in the 3 weeks since Zoe had passed.

Deb P.

We had a wonderful consultation with Kathy.  This is the first time we have worked with an animal communicator and we weren’t sure what the outcome would be.  So many of the things she told us were spot on with Hana. 

Just before our call with Kathy, we got a call from our vet. He suggested changing her food and giving him an update next week.  So the timing of our call was perfect because we were able to find out from Hana how she would like us to start to make these changes. Based on what Hana told Kathy we implemented some changes and we’re off to a good start! Thank you!

Helen & Rich K.

I had never worked with an animal intuitive before Kathy but had the opportunity for her to connect with my mini donkey, Abe, who had recently joined our family farm. While the word skeptic is a little too strong to describe my initial state of mind, I was curious how this would work. Kathy explained her process in a down to earth way, and her manner was approachable and thoughtful throughout. I enjoyed and was a little surprised by her descriptions of Abe’s personality and his relationship with my young daughter, which were spot on, even though they had never met. But what I didn’t realize was how much I would appreciate hearing the answer to the question I think I was secretly worried to ask: coming from a rescue background, were we doing right by him? Had he transitioned well? Was he happy? I think working with an animal intuitive like Kathy would be a positive experience for any passionate pet owner and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Mary M.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy for over 30 years. She won’t admit she is that old but I may even have digital proof that she really is. I met Kathy when she was in High School. Her family had a dog that had outgrown its home and needed more space to roam. The dog quickly became a main character on my farm and Kathy would come up regularly to visit it. She soon started to take a liking to the other animals on the farm and offered to take care of them. If you know anything about farm animals you know that while a farmer truly loves their animals, they also become a lot of work to take care of. (more…)

Dave D.

On October 28th we unexpectedly lost our precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Daphne. She darted off of our porch and into the path of a car coming up a side street next to our home. Not only were the humans in our house devastated, but our Australian Shepherd, Khloe, was beside herself with grief. The weeks following the accident were horrible – Khloe would barely eat, she cried and whined continuously and started pulling out the hair on her back. (more…)

Debbie F.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Kathy to get her insights on some behavioral challenges I have been having with a parrot I have worked with for almost 20 years. The information she received and revealed to me has made a huge difference in how I conduct my training sessions now. I am aware that I must use an approach that is sensitive to her need for coddling. (more…)

D. Evans


After losing our boy Scooter, late September, it was so fulfilling to meet with you and have my first reading. Losing him to a quick illness was so shocking for our family as he was only 12 and we thought we’d have much longer with him. You hit the nail on the head when you described me as being excited and yet apprehensive about this meeting. I was so excited to connect with my boy. You described him exactly how I describe him to others. I always say he is such a good boy. For you to say he came through with a Halo and told you he was a good boy, I knew you connected with him. He also conveyed to you his sense of humor and how happy a dog he was. I’ve said if I had to describe Scooter in one word it would be “Happy”. (more…)

Lisa S.

I had the pleasure and astonishment of a reading by Kathy for my horse who passed 17 years ago. Kathy not only described him to the letter physically but captured his personality, our special relationship and what life-lesson I took away from the years we spent together. I was deeply moved and grateful.

Dianne R.

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with our family.

Kate D.

Kathy has connected with my cat on two occasions. Most recently, I had returned from a trip to find that he was not well. Kathy was able to describe to me the sensations that my cat was experiencing, so that I could obtain over-the-counter medication. This saved me time and money, as well as, my cats nerves. She also mentioned that he was under great stress whenever our cleaning service was in the house. Now that he is kept out of those areas, he is much calmer and social. Thank you, Kathy for providing me with the insight to create a more pet-friendly environment.

Kim B.

Having never worked with an intuitive before, Kathy was really great about walking me through how she connects with animals and how she would connect with Jack.  On two occasions Kathy connected with Jack and both readings were extremely helpful.  The information Kathy was able to share with me via Jack continues to be a gift.  I am grateful for this resource as is Jack.

Leigh R.

Kathy has done several animal communication readings for me.  I instantly felt comfortable with Kathy and knew I could trust her with my pets.  I asked her to connect with my childhood dog, Tutu, for me.  Kathy was able to bring her through right away and validated her “purpose” in my life.  It was so comforting to hear from my dog and to fully understand her role in my life.  All of my sessions with Kathy have been so special!

Mary Sue L.

I sat in total awe as I read the information that Kathy sent me about my child’s dog, Nikki. I told Kathy zero info except the dogs name.  Kathy told me specific characteristics of Nikki, a theme surrounding the issues of Nikki and clarified each piece that my kids were involved in.  I give Kathy’s name to anyone and everyone who says their pet is having an issue.  She’s truly gifted!!

Erica H.

Kathy had a way of making me feel at ease and very comfortable in a very short period of time.  She was able to recall or see things that were very specific to Rudi.  After her reading I felt more comfortable knowing Rudi’s time was soon and that it was okay to let go.  I liked that it was about my dog, but also went much deeper into things that I was still holding onto; decisions that I needed to make myself to grow in my own personal space.

Liz M.