A whole new level of crazy?

I’m celebrating some firsts today — today Odin’s first birthday. Today is the first time I have ever bought a cake to celebrate a dogs birthday. And I’ve had dogs of my own since 1994. Now, I’m not saying that I haven’t acknowledged dog birthdays — I certainly have, sometimes even with a milk-bone sticking out of the top of their wet food and kibble. But a cake? For a dog? That has always seemed – how should I say it? Crazy? Yeah, that sounds right.

And here’s the thing, I have no issues with crazy. I communicate with animals, and I know a lot of people think that is crazy. Some even say it to me when I tell them what I do. And my response is always something along the lines of “oh, there’s plenty crazy about me, but not that part.”

Now, I never thought it was crazy that people bought cakes for their dogs (okay, maybe I did, but just a little). It just wasn’t something I did. But for some reason, this dog is different, and I wanted to get him a cake. It seems a little crazy, but it doesn’t make me crazy.

I was texting with my husband in the afternoon, about our evening and he suggested that we invite his brother and our neighbors (who both love our pup) over to celebrate. Now, that is a whole new level of crazy. A level I am not ready for (yet), and so I declined his request to invite people over.  Maybe next year…

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