Dave D.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kathy for over 30 years. She won’t admit she is that old but I may even have digital proof that she really is. I met Kathy when she was in High School. Her family had a dog that had outgrown its home and needed more space to roam. The dog quickly became a main character on my farm and Kathy would come up regularly to visit it. She soon started to take a liking to the other animals on the farm and offered to take care of them. If you know anything about farm animals you know that while a farmer truly loves their animals, they also become a lot of work to take care of.

Kathy did an excellent job  of taking care of the animals and always took the extra steps to make sure they felt at home. Kathy had a calming effect on the animals. There was a mutual respect for each other and they responded to her care  in a positive manner. I remember joking with her by asking things like “hey what is old Carrol thinking today”.  Kathy would share an answer and I would just shake my head and laugh inside thinking it would be nice if we really could get inside of an animals head.

Life took us in opposite directions and we lost contact with each other. Many years later we would reconnect on the internet and we sent the occasional Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. One day Kathy asked me if I wanted her to read one of my animals. I remember thinking that this should be fun, the young girl that used to talk to my cows was going to talk to my less than friendly cat. She read the animals a couple of times when I started thinking the she either had my house under video surveillance or she really did have a way to communicate with animals.

Kathy is a kind, caring lady who has found a true passion for animals. In some way she is able to learn a lot from animals and their behavior. She then communicates that in terms that the average person can understand. As I think back my animals have tried to tell me several things over the years. I wonder how life might have been different if I had taken the time to understand what they were saying.