Debbie F.

On October 28th we unexpectedly lost our precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Daphne. She darted off of our porch and into the path of a car coming up a side street next to our home. Not only were the humans in our house devastated, but our Australian Shepherd, Khloe, was beside herself with grief. The weeks following the accident were horrible – Khloe would barely eat, she cried and whined continuously and started pulling out the hair on her back. In an attempt to comfort her, we “borrowed” another cavie from a friend until we’re able to get another companion for her. A little over a month after Daphne passed I had the pleasure of having a reading with Kathy. I’ve had readings before but never one with an animal intuitive. Kathy was able to describe the accident exactly as it happened, even saying that Daphne thought she had time to get past the car (my daughter who saw it happen said the same thing – she thought Daph was going to go between the tires). Kathy went on to tell me that Daphne told her I would get another dog like her (meaning a cavalier) but that she was seeing a Blenheim (the coloring of our borrowed dog) rather than a tan and black like Daphne. Kathy then told me that my other dogs hair was growing back in – which it was. The sense of peace that I was provided from the reading is absolutely priceless. Knowing that in a way Daphne is still with us is very comforting.