Lisa S.


After losing our boy Scooter, late September, it was so fulfilling to meet with you and have my first reading. Losing him to a quick illness was so shocking for our family as he was only 12 and we thought we’d have much longer with him. You hit the nail on the head when you described me as being excited and yet apprehensive about this meeting. I was so excited to connect with my boy. You described him exactly how I describe him to others. I always say he is such a good boy. For you to say he came through with a Halo and told you he was a good boy, I knew you connected with him. He also conveyed to you his sense of humor and how happy a dog he was. I’ve said if I had to describe Scooter in one word it would be “Happy”. I enjoyed the group at (the reading party). It was nice to be with others who are so passionate about their pets and to see them comforted after their reading with you. I am definitely going to spread the word about your services. I am also planning on scheduling to have you to do a reading with my other animals.