Mary M.

I had never worked with an animal intuitive before Kathy but had the opportunity for her to connect with my mini donkey, Abe, who had recently joined our family farm. While the word skeptic is a little too strong to describe my initial state of mind, I was curious how this would work. Kathy explained her process in a down to earth way, and her manner was approachable and thoughtful throughout. I enjoyed and was a little surprised by her descriptions of Abe’s personality and his relationship with my young daughter, which were spot on, even though they had never met. But what I didn’t realize was how much I would appreciate hearing the answer to the question I think I was secretly worried to ask: coming from a rescue background, were we doing right by him? Had he transitioned well? Was he happy? I think working with an animal intuitive like Kathy would be a positive experience for any passionate pet owner and I am grateful for the opportunity.